Caesar II Training Calgary

Caesar II Training Calgary

"Caesar II Training Calgary ", "CAESAR II Course" or "CAESAR II Online Training" are common search keywords for engineers in Calgary to get affordable course. Welcome to Little P.Eng. for Engineers Training located in Calgary, AB offers Caesar II training course for fresh engineers. Also, our Caesar II Training libraries and instructors provide you with premium training, so you will be professional in CAESAR II and pipe stress analysis.

We offer our dear student engineers an exclusive and comprehensive piping stress analysis training include static and dynamic stress analysis. Therefore, our engineers can face the technical obstacles in oil and gas field. Our courses are ideal for new CAESAR II users. Whether you are just starting out in pipe stress analysis or a seasoned analyst just beginning to use CAESAR II, our course will give you a fast start in becoming efficient with CAESAR II.

For engineers who want to advance their knowledge of piping stress analysis and CAESAR II software, Little P.Eng. for Engineers Training is the best choice. With more than 8 years of experience in engineering and teaching CAESAR II, Meena R. takes you step-by-step through several advanced topics and design techniques using CAESAR II.

Our Caesar II Training Calgary offers some of the following topics:

  • Designing Hangers.

  • Optimizing Hanger Selection.

  • Adding a Wind Load.

  • Reducing Loads Around Pump Nozzles.

  • Seeing How CAESAR II and the Piping Codes Calculate Stresses.

  • The Stiffness Method.

  • Non-Linear.

  • Buried Pipe.

  • Modeling.

  • Piping Codes.

  • Stress Intensification Factors.

  • Restraints.

  • Load Cases.

  • Occasional Loads.

  • Designing for Strain.

  • Designing for Load.

  • Dynamics Analysis.

We offer Flexible options to have your stress analysis training. Our Caesar II Training course is ideal for in-house training solutions. Certifying your engineers assures you of their level of software knowledge and technical expertise, and is the easiest way available to improve your design team's productivity.

We are open for booking and other requests from Monday to Friday 10:00am – 5:00 pm. Our courses held during the month from Monday to Friday 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Please contact us on Website:, E-mail: or Tel: +1(855)444-5577. Please visit us at our location: 3705 Fonda Way SE #18, Calgary AB T2A 6G9, Canada. #Little_PEng

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