CAESAR II Static Training Course | Calgary, AB

CAESAR II Static Training Course  Calgary, AB

CAESAR II is a software package for piping flexibility analysis with automated code compliance checks. It is easy to use and includes several advanced modules for specialized problems. CAESAR II can nowadays be seen as the “bread and butter” of any pipe stress engineer. This course is not only useful for beginning stress engineers, but can also provide valuable knowledge for those who need to be able to interpret pipe stress results such as supervisors and technicians. The aim of our course is therefore not only to become familiar with the basic use of CAESAR II but also to create an engineering understanding of the stress results.

  • The goals of our 5-day training course can be summarized as following:

  • understanding of computerized pipe stress analysis

  • modeling and analysis of common piping systems

  • Investigating re-designs to solve stress problems and overloading of nozzles

  • Pipe stress analysis of specialized problems (e.g. fiberglass, buried piping)

  • Use of the advanced modules in the program

The course is given by one of the experienced engineers from DRG who regularly use CAESAR II for their consultancy assignments. The course incorporates several real-life examples and our experience at DRG can serve to initiate discussions about different solution methods for stress problems taking into account all engineering aspects, both theoretical as practical.

CAESAR II Static Training Course Topics

  • General modelling in CAESAR II

  • Pipe stress theory

  • Stress analysis according to a design codes

  • Load-based piping design (e.g. earthquake and wind)

  • Flange and nozzle analysis

  • Structural steel

  • Expansion joints

  • Hanger sizing

  • Fiberglass piping

  • Buried piping

  • Generation of isometric drawings

CAESAR II Static Training Course Highlights

  • Understanding the engineering principles in a pipe stress analysis

  • System re-design using real-life examples

  • Pump load evaluation (API, NEMA)

  • Nozzle loading and flexibility

  • System re-design to accomodate thermal expansion

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