CAESAR II Dynamic Training Course | Calgary, AB

CAESAR II Dynamic Training Course | Calgary, AB

How do you include the effects of pulsations, slug loads, blast loads, water hammer/surge and the opening of relief valves in your stress analysis? By learning how to use the dynamic module within CAESAR II you will be able to effectively conduct these types of analysis.

By using the full capability of the CAESAR II dynamic module, the engineer will be provided with a more accurate overview of the stresses in their system compared to a quasi-steady study. Thereby it may be that the required number of modifications are reduced or unforeseen failures are identified.

Various solvers are present in the CAESAR II dynamic module, namely: Modal, Time History, Harmonic and Spectrum Analyses. Which to select, and the parameters to choose, depends on the load case being analysed.

At the end of this 3-day training course our aims for the participant are:

  • Increased awareness of the dynamic aspects of piping systems

  • Competent in using the Dynamic module of CAESAR II

  • Can apply the CAESAR II Dynamic module to solve potential dynamic problems

CAESAR II Dynamic Training Course Topics

  • Vibration theory

  • Modal analysis in CAESAR II

  • Harmonic analysis in CAESAR II

  • Time-history analysis in CAESAR II

  • Piping design rules for dynamic analysis

CAESAR II Dynamic Training Course Highlights

  • Identification of possible dynamic loads in piping systems

  • Analysis of water hammer, slug, and relief loads

  • Learn which CAESAR II dynamic options to use for each problem

  • Root-cause analysis of dynamic issues

  • Tutorials using real-life examples including re-design

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