ASME B31.3 Training Courses Near Berkeley California | San Jose | Concord

ASME B31.3 Training Courses Near Berkeley California | San Jose | Concord

Little P.Eng. for Engineers Training Proudly offers the most affordable courses in California; ASME B31.3 is one of them. This specialist course provides complete comprehensive coverage of ASME B31.3 - Process Piping Code requirements for the design, construction and integrity of process piping systems. The course includes the new requirements of the latest edition of ASME B31.3. The course is designed to engineer the participants into becoming a complete ASME Code professional and apply the code in the design, analysis, fabrication, erection and testing of process piping systems. Course objectives Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Have a very good background on the scope & definition of ASME B31.3, process piping design, construction & mechanical integrity

  • Understand metallic pipe and fitting selection including its system failure, bases for selection and method requirements

  • Identify the strengths of materials including its requirements and be able to identify the bases for design stresses

  • Determine the components of pressure design and be able to know the concepts of weld joint strength factor and design pressure & temperature

  • Know the process of valve selection and be able to list the requirements needed for the selection process

  • Become familiar with the design of flanged joints and be able to describe its features & functions

  • Introduction flexibility & flexibility analysis and able to explain the general considerations for the layout and support of pipes. Learn the various types and designs of expansion joints and be able to describe their components and use

  • Understand the fabrication and installation methods of piping system and be able to list the requirements and guidelines needed in the inspection, examination and testing of pipes

  • Know the design, fabrication, installation, inspection, examination and testing methods for nonmetallic piping systems, category M Fluid service, high pressure piping & high purity piping systems

We offer of Engineering Training Courses in the following cities: Bay Area California; San Francisco; San Jose; Berkeley, Concord; and surrounding cities.

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