Piping Engineering Courses Across California (Bay Area and Southern California) | ASME B31.3 Trainin

Piping Engineering Courses Across California (Bay Area and Southern California)

Piping is crucial for transport of fluid from one equipment to another in any process plant. There are many aspects to piping and it can be a daunting and time consuming task to understand how everything fits together. This course provides a broad overview of piping engineering from designing to construction.


  • A general overview of piping engineering

  • An awareness of the processes

  • An awareness of issues involved with designing, procurement and construction

  • An awareness of the materials and equipment used

  • An understanding of industry terms and acronyms


  • Professionals looking to gain a complete overview of Piping Engineering, including

  • Students / Graduate engineers (Chemical/Mechanical)

  • Conversion engineers switching disciplines or industries

  • Managers and supervisors responsible for Piping

  • Experienced diploma holders (Chemical/Mechanical)


The modules are listed below:

1. Introduction:

2. General: Process Diagrams (PFD, UFD, P&ID, Line List etc.)

3. Piping Fundamentals

4. Pipe Fittings

5. Pipe Flanges

6. Valves

7. Piping Special Items

8. Process Mechanical Equipments – Static equipments & Rotary equipments

9. Layouts

  • Preparation of Plot Plan

  • Preparation of Equipment Layouts

  • Preparation of Piping General Arrangement Drawings

  • Preparation of Cross Sectional Drawings

10. Piping Isometric Drawings & Material Take off

11. Pipe Supports

  • Support Types

  • Support Selection, Support Location, Support Span Calculation

12. Typical Unit Conversion

13. Materials

  • Preparation of Piping Material Specification

  • Valve Material Specification

  • Familiarity with ASME B31.3 (chapters introduction)

  • Pipe Wall thickness Calculations

  • Preparation of Special Items Datasheets

  • Pressure Design of Miter Bends – Single & Multiple Miters

  • Pressure Design of Blanks

  • Branch reinforcement calculations

  • Overview of Technical Queries and Technical Bid Evaluations

14. Stress Analysis

  • Types of stresses

  • Significance of forces and moments

  • Introduction to Stress Analysis

  • Expansion Loop types, Bellows - Types

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