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CSA Z662 Safety and loss management systems

June 14, 2020

3.1 General
     There is a commentary available for this Clause.
Operating companies shall develop and implement a documented safety and loss management system for the pipeline system that provides for the protection of people, the environment, and property.
The safety and loss management system shall cover the life cycle of the pipeline system and shall include the following elements:
a) clearly articulated policy and leadership commitment to the development and implementation of the safety and loss management system;
b) an organizational structure with well-defined responsibilities and authorities that supports the effective implementation of the safety and loss management system;
c) a process for the management of resources, including:

i) the establishment of competency requirements;

ii) a training program that includes a process for evaluating the effectiveness of the training provided and for maintaining training records; and

iii) contractor selection and performance monitoring that ensures services are performed in a manner that conforms to the requirements of the safety and loss management system;

d) an internal and external communication process that supports the effective implementation of the safety and loss management system;
e) a document and records management process for the effective implementation of the safety and loss management system, including

i) procedures for the control and distribution of documents; and

ii) procedures for the control of records;

f) operational controls, as applicable, for

i) risk management;

ii) design, material selection, and procurement;

iii) construction;

iv) operations and maintenance;

v) pipeline system integrity management;

vi) engineering assessments;

vii) emergency preparedness, response, and recovery;

viii) security management; and

ix) deactivation and abandonment;

g) a process for the management of change that includes

i) the identification of changes that could affect the safety and loss management system;

ii) assigning responsibilities and authorities for the review, approval, and implementation of changes;

iii) documentation of reasons for the changes;

iv) analysis of implications and effects of the changes;

v) the documentation and communication of changes to affected parties; and

vi) the timing of changes; and

h) a process for continual improvement, including

i) development of measurable objectives and targets;

ii) a process for the reporting, collection, evaluation, and trending of data related to hazards, 

incidents, and near misses, including the communication of any findings and actions;

iii) a process for learning from events;

iv) performance monitoring against objectives and targets;

v) conformance monitoring, including periodic audits, to assess conformance with the requirements of the standard and the safety and loss management system;

vi) procedures for the control of non-conformances, including procedures for defining responsibility and authority, for handling and investigating non-conformance, taking action to mitigate any impacts, for initiating and completing corrective and preventive action, and for evaluating the effectiveness of any actions taken; and

vii) management reviews of the safety and loss management system at planned intervals to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy, and effectiveness. The management review shall include an assessment of opportunities for improvement and the need for changes to the safety and loss management system, its policy and objectives.


1) Annex A sets out a recommended practice and provides additional guidance for a safety and loss management system.

2) CSA Z246.1 provides guidance on developing security management systems.

3.2 Pipeline system integrity management program

     There is a commentary available for this Clause.
The operational controls required by Clause 3.1.2 f) v) shall be in the form of an integrity management program that addresses the life cycle of the pipeline system.
Note: Guidelines for pipeline system integrity management programs are contained in Annex N.


3.3 Engineering assessments
     There is a commentary available for this Clause.
3.3.1 General
Engineering assessments shall be used to support decisions under an operating company’s safety and loss management system, as required or allowed by certain clauses in this Standard.
Note: Additional requirements for engineering assessments can be specified in other clauses of this Standard (e.g., Clause 4.1.10 for design, Clause 5.8 for material qualification or acceptance, and Clause 10.1 for existing pipelines

3.3.2 Engineering assessment process
Prior to performing an engineering assessment, operating companies shall develop a documented process for conducting engineering assessments that includes

a) the responsibilities of those individuals conducting and approving the engineering assessment;

b) the competency requirements for those conducting and approving the engineering assessment; and

c) the engineering assessment methodology, including acceptance criteria.

3.3.3 Documentation
The documentation for an engineering assessment shall be retained for the life of the pipeline and shall include

a) the purpose and scope of the engineering assessment;

b) the analysis conducted for the engineering assessment, including assumptions;

c) supporting documentation;

d) conclusions; and

e) recommendations.

3.4 Risk management
     There is a commentary available for this Clause.
The operational control required by Clause 3.1.2 f) i) shall be in the form of a risk management process that identifies, assesses, and manages the hazards and associated risks for the life cycle of the pipeline 
system. The risk management process shall include the following:

a) risk acceptance criteria;

b) risk assessment, including hazard identification, risk analysis, and risk evaluation;

c) risk control;

d) risk monitoring and review;

e) communication; and

f) documentation.

1) CAN/CSA-ISO 31000 sets out principles and guidelines for risk management.
2) Annex B provides guidance on performing pipeline system risk assessments.

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