ABOUT LITTLE P.ENG. FOR Engineering Services

About Little P.Eng. Engineering Services across Canada and United States

Who We Are:

We are a collection of leaders and professionals in engineering who are dedicated to designing and creating the most innovative solutions for our clients. Located in Calgary, AlbertaVancouver, BCToronto, OntarioBuena Park, CaliforniaEdmonton, AlbertaHouston, TexasTorrance, California; we operate everywhere from local markets to the most remote regions of the world especially North America (united states and Canada) to present the best Engineering Services.

We believe in the value of shared knowledge. Our teams of experts are well-informed and up-to-date on the latest technologies, which allows us to elevate the level of our work. On every project, we draw from our wide ranging expertise and experience to create and deliver inspired solutions.

Whether a project is large or small, in its earliest stages or nearing completion, our team is invested and determined to deliver the best solutions. We understand the level of pride that comes with ownership; therefore we always take stewardship of the success of all of our client’s projects. 

What We Do:

We provide consulting engineering services for new construction projects and existing buildings in three sectors—property; social infrastructure; and energy, resources, and industry —while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental responsibility.

We offer engineering consultation and design in:

  • Civil / Structural Engineering Services

  • Piping Stress Analysis & Piping Design Engineering Services

  • project management

Delivering Exceptional Service to Students

Little P.Eng. for Engineers Training is an education company specialized in Piping Stress Analysis and Design Training Courses across Calgary, AB and surrounding cities. Get the best training in person or online. We offer training courses in the heart of the oil and Gas piping industry.

We present courses in ASME piping design codes and Caesar II for piping stress analysis. We help students implement the finite element method and the design code requirements into Casear II to produce adequate and safe piping systems. We offer the following courses: ASME B31.3 Training Course and Caesar II training Course

Our technical instructors have more than 8 years in heavy industrial oil and gas projects in Canada, Brazil, USA and UK. Also, they are experienced in ASME design codes in piping, pressure vessels and welding. In addition, they have a huge structural knowledge and finite element analysis.

We have been offering comprehensive and affordable Piping Stress Analysis and Design Training Courses since 2015. From day one, our students notice the improvement in their abilities and overall comprehension. Each student has a unique learning style, and it’s our duty to find out what that is and adapt our lessons accordingly. Contact us today to find out how I can help you achieve your academic goals.

Our Vision:
Little P. Eng. started by helping friends and family in the Civil and Mechanical Engineering fields, and has since grown to help qualify and expand the skills of newcomers, engineering students, fresh graduates as well as working engineers. Our passion of engineering will motivate others, as well as give them the skills needed to be a global asset. We believe investment in individuals’ skills and knowledge is the solution to local and global issues, moving Canada forward in the professional industry. With more Canadians qualified and experienced, more prosperity and security can be granted to our community.

Our Mission:
Our mission is to coach, instruct, and lead engineers to be extremely familiar and experienced in multiple segments of engineering, whether Civil or Mechanical, in pressure vessels, piping design, piping stress analysis, finite element analysis, structural analysis, footing design, as well as the associated industry’s leading software for each of these. This will better balance their skills and expertise, and lead them to their professional goals in which ever field of engineering they so choose. We have hand crafted Little P. Eng. to get you the skills needed to reach your full professional potential.

About Our Instructors:
Meena Rezkallah.
I’m a practicing piping engineer with experience in piping design, stress analysis, supports, and testing. For more than 8 years I have been providing piping design expertise in new and operating petrochemical facilities in Alberta, Canada.
In 2009 I was a fresh graduate. I had skills in the theoretical side of engineering, but very little practical knowledge. The lack of practical knowledge in university gave me a hard time convincing employers I was best suited for their positions. I set a goal to teach myself the required codes, practices and available software. Once I was able to present my knowledge to interviewers, I quickly became employed and have been building on my skills ever since. Because of this, I decided to help engineering students, fresh graduates and newcomers to the industry by starting Little P. Eng., which will offer guided courses focusing on the more practical side of engineering. 

Andrej L.
Currently an Engineer in Training for an Industrial Engineering firm, my focus is primarily steel and concrete design, with the assistance of all software available to me. I have designed structural slabs, steel frames and hangers, concrete piles and mat foundations as well as performed analysis on many more.
Having had two internships as a student, and then graduating from the University of Calgary, with a degree in Civil Engineering with a Structural Minor, in 2014, I went to work in a field which I am truly passionate about. I have been teaching myself the available structural software since high school, and have sparked the curiosity of many students and professors while in university with my knowledge. This led to impromptu lessons on the go, and finally put me on the same track as my friend Meena.
Having completed university in Calgary, I know the minimal extent and detail with which the schools teach their students design and analysis software. This level is nowhere close to where employers are looking for, and I know a giant head start can be gained by having experience and training in widely used software.

Marianne N.

I am a certified project manager by PMI  since 2014

I have been providing this course since that

I am also have the practical experience in project management career since 2006

Have integration, scope, time, cost, quality,human resources, communications, risk, procurement and stakeholders management experience which help in training easily on the situation problems.


Terms and Conditions

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Kindly confirm that the details in these terms and conditions on the booking form are complete and accurate before you commit yourself to confirming your course. If you think that there is a mistake, please make sure that you ask us to confirm any changes in writing.

  • Full payment of the course fees must be received by the date of the course commencement. The fees are non refundable at any condition

  • We offer a study groups for our students and we claim no responsibility or liability of recognition or accreditation by any education or engineering related accreditation organizations

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  • We help recently graduated engineers, student engineers, new comers engineers.

  • We do not represent any company or association in our free study group

  • We do not sell, distribute or publish programs, codes, books.



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