Frequently asked questions

What Little P.Eng. for Engineers Tarining presents?

We present affordable piping stress analysis and piping design courses. Check this link

What is the purpose of training engineers?

We believe investment in individuals’ skills and knowledge is the solution to local and global issues, moving Canada forward in the professional industry. With more Canadians qualified and experienced, more prosperity and security can be granted to our community.

What is Little P.Eng. for Engineers Training?

Little P.Eng. for Engineers Training is an education company specialized in Piping Stress Analysis and Design Training Courses across Calgary, AB and surrounding cities. We offer training courses in the heart of the oil and Gas piping industry.

What are the offered courses?

We offer Piping Design Courses and Piping Stress Analysis Courses. Check this link Courses

Where the courses are held?

The courses are held in Calgary, AB. 3705 Fonda Way SE #18, Calgary, AB T2A 6G9, Canada.

When the ourses are held?

Please check the courses calender in the home page

How to book a course?

contact us and provide us with the desired course and convenient date. contact us using the following

How much the course fees?

The courses fees mentioned at the end of every course description.

When to pay the course fees?

  1. The courses fees shall be paid prior to the course
  2. The courses fees are not refundable
  3. The courses fees amount is not negotiable

How many students in the course?

The number of student to attend the course shall not exceed four.

Why you shall choose Little P.Eng. for Engineers Training?

You shall choose Little P.Eng. for Engineers Training because of the following:

  1. We present much more knowledge, prcatice and Training more the all our competitors
  2. Our courses fees are lower than our competitor by more than 70%
  3. Our technical support to our students extend even after the courses end

How much the courses duration?

The course Duration is 15 hourse distributed on five days. The courses start from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

What will happen if I referred Little P.Eng. to my friends?

You will be awarded with 100 CADs as a gift.

What is the best pipe stress analysis provider in Canada?

Little P.Eng. is the best pipe stress analysis services provider for the following reasons: ✔️We have Licensed engineers in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan ✔️Our Piping Stress engineers have vast experience in pipe stress analysis over 20 years ✔️Simple or Complex – We Can Meet Your Needs ✔️2D Drawings or 3D Models Available ✔️Highest Quality Standards – Our Engineers Review All Drawings and Models ✔️Prices That Can’t Be Beat ✔️We use CAESAR II for piping stress analysis and CADwox for piping design

What is pipe stress analysis?