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Steel and Metals Industry - Engineering Services

Steel and Metals Industry served by meena rezkallah, p.eng. the best piping stress engineer and structural engineer across canada. we offer pipes tress analysis and structural engineering. engineering company

Meena Development LTD. experience in the Steel & Metals industry spans several decades. We have extensive experience in planning, feasibility studies, engineering (Pipe Stress Analysis & Structural Engineering), managing capital projects, plant start-ups, production and facility asset evaluation, and optimization.

As the Steel Industry, especially Pipe Mills increased again, mostly due to the gas drilling industry, Meena Development LTD. has been in the forefront in providing Engineering Services to the Steel Industry.

  • Rolling Mills

  • Pipe Piercing Mills

  • Pipe Mills

  • Pipe Finishing Mills

  • Pipe Specialty Threading Plants

  • Pipe Mill Maintenance Roll Shops

  • Pipe Mill Ultrasonic Testing Facilities

  • Pipe Mill Quench and Temper Facilities

  • Pipe Mill Piercer Replacement

  • Melt Shops

  • Continuous Casters

  • Furnaces – All Types

  • Electric Furnace Shop

  • Blast Furnaces

  • Hot Strip Mills

  • Vacuum Degasser Facilities

  • Basic Oxygen Facilities

  • Coke Oven Facility

  • Direct-Reduced Iron Facilities

  • Iron Ore Pelletizing Facilities

  • Galvanizing Facilities

  • Pickle Lines

  • Plate Mills

  • Contact and Noncontact Water Treatment Facilities

  • Z-Mills

  • Multi-Material Facilities

  • Powder Metal Laboratory Facilities

  • Process Piping

  • Pipe Stress Analysis Services

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Located in Calgary Alberta, We offer our Piping Engineering Services, Skid Design Services and Structural Engineering Services across Canada.

Our structural Engineers / piping stress engineers have a bachelor's and Master's degree in mechanical / structural engineering and province licence (P.Eng.) in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario. We review, validate, certify and stamp piping and structural packages.

Located in Calgary, AlbertaVancouver, BCToronto, OntarioEdmonton, AlbertaHouston TexasTorrance, CaliforniaEl Segundo, CAManhattan Beach, CA; Concord, CA; We offer our engineering consultancy services across Canada and United States. Meena Rezkallah.

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