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Facility Services

Meena Development LTD.’s facility services benefit our Commercial and Institutional clients as well as our industrial clients. Our robust portfolio demonstrates our capabilities or engineering services such as piping stress analysis services and structural engineering services.

Commercial / Institutional

Meena Development LTD. has an outstanding record in providing Facility Designs for new buildings, renovations and adaptive reuse of existing spaces. We have experience in complete changes in occupancy and use of facilities. Our knowledge, skill, experience and customer commitment that is brought to every job is unmatched in the industry.


Meena Development LTD. provides a number of services to the facilities that house manufacturing processes and operations. We fill in where your company may not have the time or manpower to design and recommend general plant improvements. Because Meena Development LTD. is multidisciplinary, we can be a single-source firm for upgrades, expansions and modifications.

Laboratory Design

Laboratory design is a specialized field that requires the expertise and experience to address all of the design issues related to the materials to be handled and the protection of personnel from toxic substances and hazardous materials. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Blast Design

  • Code Review

  • Process Hazard Analysis

  • Environmental Permitting

  • Hazardous Materials Storage

  • Additional Specialized Requirements such as:

  • HVAC

  • Gowning/Ungowning

  • Fire Protection

  • Hazardous Electrical Design

  • Grounding

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Industries we serve

Located in Calgary Alberta, We offer our Piping Stress Analysis Services and Structural Engineering Services across Canada.

Our structural Engineers / piping stress engineers have a bachelor's and Master's degree in mechanical / structural engineering and province licence (P.Eng.) in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario. We review, validate, certify and stamp piping and structural packages.


3705 Fonda Way #18 Southeast Calgary, T2A 6G9


+1 (587) 802-4050

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