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August 28, 2019

The maximum steel pipe support spacingfor power piping and water applications as per ASME B31.1 and ANSI/MSS SP-69 & SP-58

  • ASME B31.1 power piping Table 121.5 for max. pipe support spacing.

  • For water application you can use ANSI/MSS SP-69 & SP-58 Tables 3 and...

March 16, 2018

The participant of this seminar will have an overview of the codes and standards governing the design of pressure retaining components and the piping design process. By the end of the seminar, the participant will understand pipe sizing for various flow conditions and...

January 4, 2018

These codes and standards were written to establish minimum requirements for safe design and construction with very little reference to the physical routing of piping. However, the piping designer should be familiar with them as they apply to his or her work. There are...

October 24, 2017

In practice, the assurance that the design and construction of a piping system will meet prescribed pressure-integrity requirements is achieved through the use of published codes and standards. Numerous codes and standards have been formulated and published by major in...

October 2, 2017

Responding to evident need and at the request of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the American Standards Association initiated Project B31 in March 1926, with ASME as sole administrative sponsor. The breadth of the field involved required that membership o...

June 25, 2017

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) was earlier known as the American Standards Association (ASA). For a short period of time, from 1967 to 1969, it was called the United States of America Standards Institute  (USASI). ANSI provides a forum for development...

June 24, 2017

The ASME Performance Test Codes (PTC) were originally known as Power Test Codes. These codes provide standard directions and rules for conducting and re- porting tests of specific materials such as fuels, equipment, and processes or functions related to power plants.

June 23, 2017

ASME B31.11 (Slurry Transportation Piping Systems) Like ASME B31.4, this section of ASME B31, Pressure Piping Code, specifies minimum requirements for the design, materials, construction, assembly, inspection, testing, operation, and maintenance of piping transporting...

June 22, 2017

ASME B31.9 applies to the following building services: Water for heating and cooling Condensing water Steam or other condensate Steam Vacuum Compressed air and other nontoxic and nonflammable gases The requirements of this code also apply to boiler external piping for...

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