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Reference Code and Standards for Valves

July 3, 2017


The following is a list of commonly used valve standards. Based upon the scope, each of these standards contains rules and requirements for design, pressure-temperature ratings, dimensions, tolerances, materials, nondestructive examinations, testing, and inspection and quality assurance. Compliance to these and other standards is invoked by reference to codes of construction, specifications, contracts, or regulations.


ASME Standards

  • B16.10 --> Face-to-Face and End-to-End Dimensions of Valves

  • B16.33 --> Manually Operated Metallic Gas Valves for Use in Gas Piping Systems Up to 125 psig (Sizes ¹⁄₂ Through 2)

  • B16.34 --> Valves—Flanged, Threaded, and Welding End

  • B16.38 --> Large Metallic Valves for Gas Distribution (Manually Operated, NPS 2¹⁄₂ to 12, 125 psig Maximum)

  • B16.40 --> Manually Operated Thermoplastic Gas Shutoffs and Valves in Gas Distribution Systems

  • B16.44 --> Manually Operated Metallic Gas Valves for Use in House Piping Systems

  • N278.1 --> Self-Operated and Power-Operated Safety-Related Functional Specification Standard

ASME Performance Test Code

  • PTC 25.3 --> Safety and Relief Valves

ANSI Guides/Manuals

  • 1003 --> Performance Requirements for Water Pressure Reducing Valves for Domestic Water Supply Systems

  • 1029 --> Performance Requirements for Water Supply Valves; Mixing Valves and Single Control Mixing Valves

  • 1032 --> Performance Requirements for Dual Check Valve Type Backflow Preventers for Carbonated Beverage Dispensers

AWWA Standards and Specifications

  • C500-93 --> Metal-Seated Gate Valves for Water Supply Service

  • C501-92 --> Cast-Iron Sluice Gates

  • C504-94 --> Rubber-Seated Butterfly Valves

  • C507-91 --> Ball Valves, 6 in Through 48 in (150 mm Through 1200 mm)

  • C508-93 --> Swing Check Valves for Waterworks Service

  • C509-94 --> Resilient-Seated Gate Valves for Water Supply Service

  • C510-92 --> Double Check Valve Backflow Prevention Assembly

  • C511-92 --> Reduced Pressure Principle Backflow Prevention Assembly

  • C512-92 --> Air-Release, Air-Vacuum, and Combination Air Valves for Waterworks Service

  • C540-93 --> Power-Actuating Devices for Valves and Sluice Gates

  • C550-90 --> Protective Epoxy Interior Coatings for Valves and Hydrants

ARI (Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute) Standards

  • 720 --> Refrigerant Access Valves and Hose Connectors

  • 760 --> Solenoid Valves for Use with Volatile Refrigerants

  • 770 --> Refrigerant Pressure Reducing Valves

ASSE (American Society of Sanitary Engineers) Standards

  • 1001 --> Performance Requirements for Pipe Applied Atmospheric Type Vacuum Breakers.

Standards 1003, 1029 and 1032 are listed as ANSI Guides/Manuals above.

American Petroleum Institute (API) Specifications

  • 6D-94 --> Specification for Pipeline Valves (Gate, Plug, Ball, and Check Valves)

  • 6FA-94 --> Specification for Fire Test for Valves

  • 6FB-92 --> Specification for Fire Test for End Connections

  • 6FC-94 --> Specification for Fire Test for Valves with Automatic Backseats

  • 6FD-95 --> Specification for Fire Test for Check Valves

  • 14A-94 --> Specification for Subsurface Safety Valve Equipment

  • 14D-94 --> Specification for Wellhead Surface Safety Valves and Underwater Safety Valve for Offshore Service

API Standards

  • 526-95 --> Flanged Steel Pressure Relief Valves

  • 527-91 --> Seat Tightness of Pressure Relief Valves

  • 589-93 --> Fire Test for Evaluation of Valve Stem Packing

  • 594-91 --> Wafer and Wafer-Lug Check Valves

  • 598-90 --> Valve Inspection and Testing

  • 599-94 --> Metal Plug Valves–Flanged and Welding Ends

  • 600-91 --> Steel Gate Valves–Flanged and ButtWelding Ends

  • 602-93 --> Compact Steel Gate Valves—Flanged, Threaded, Welding, and Extended Body Ends

  • 603-91 --> Class 150, Cast, Corrosion-Resistant, Flanged-End Gate Valves

  • 607-93 --> Fire Test for Soft-Seated Quarterturn Valves

  • 608-95 --> Metal Ball Valves—Flanged, Threaded, and Welding Ends

  • 609-91 --> Lug and Wafer-Type Butterfly Valves

The International Society for Measurement and Control (ISA) Recommended Practices (RP)

  • RP 75.06-81 --> Control Valve Manifold Design

  • RP 75.18-89 --> Control Valve Position Stability

  • RP 75.21-89 --> Process Data Presentation for Control Valves


  • S75.01-85 --> Flow Equations for Sizing Control Valves

  • S75.02-88 --> Control Valve Capacity Test Procedure

  • S75.03-92 --> Face-to-Face Dimensions for Integral Flanged Globe-Style Control Valve Bodies

  • S75.04-95 --> Face-to-Face Dimensions for Flangeless Control Valves

  • S75.05-83 --> Control Valve Terminology

  • S75.07-87 --> Laboratory Measurement of Aerodynamic Noise Generated by Control Valves

  • S75.08-85 --> Installed Face-to-Face Dimensions for Flanged Clamp or Pinch Valves

  • S75.11-85 --> Inherent Flow Characteristics and Rangeability of Control Valves

  • S75.12-93 --> Face-to-Face Dimensions for Socket Weld-End and Screwed-End Globe- Style Control Valves

  • S75.14-93 --> Face-to-Face Dimensions for Buttweld End Globe-Style Control Valves (ANSI Classes 150, 300, 600, 900,

  • 1500, and 2500)

  • S75.16-94 --> Face-to-Face Dimensions for Flanged Globe-Style Control Valve Bodies (ANSI Classes 900, 1500, and 2500)

  • S75.17-89 --> Control Valve Aerodynamic Noise Prediction

  • S75.19-89 --> Hydrostatic Testing of Control Valves (Formerly ASME/ANSI B16.37–80)

  • S75.20-91 --> Face-to-Face Dimensions for Separable Flanged Globe-Style Control Valves (ANSI Classes 150, 300, and 600)

  • S75.22-92 --> Face-to-Face Dimensions forFlanged Globe-Style Control Valve Bodies (ANSI Classes 150, 300, and 600)

MSS Standards

  • MSS-SP-6 --> Standard Finishes for Contact Faces of Pipe Flanges and Connecting-End Flanges of Valves and Fittings

  • MSS-SP-25 --> Standard Marking System for Valves, Flanges and Fittings

  • MSS-SP-42 --> Class 150 Corrosion Resistant Gate, Globe, Angle, and Check Valves with Flanged and Butt Weld Ends

  • MSS-SP-45 --> Bypass and Drain Connection Standard

  • MSS-SP-53 --> Quality Standard for Steel Castings and Forgings for Valves, Flanges, and Fittings and Other Piping Components—Magnetic Particle Examination Method

  • MSS-SP-54 --> Quality Standard for Steel Castings and Forgings for Valves, Flanges, and Fittings and Other Piping Components—Radiographic Examination Method

  • MSS-SP-55 --> Quality Standard for Steel Castings and Forgings for Valves, Flanges, and Fittings and Other Piping Components—Visual Method

  • MSS-SP-60 --> Connecting Flange Joint Between Tapping Sleeves and Tapping Valves

  • MSS-SP-61 --> Pressure Testing of Steel Valves

  • MSS-SP-67 --> Buttefly Valves

  • MSS-SP-68 --> High Pressure-Offset Seat Butterfly Valves

  • MSS-SP-70 --> Cast Iron Gate Valves, Flanged and Threaded Ends

  • MSS-SP-71 --> Cast Iron Swing Check Valves, Flanged and Threaded Ends

  • MSS-SP-72 --> Ball Valves with Flanged or Butt-Welding Ends for General Service

  • MSS-SP-78 --> Cast Iron Plug Valves, Flanged and Threaded Ends

  • MSS-SP-80 --> Bronze Gate, Globe, Angle and Check Valves

  • MSS-SP-81 --> Stainless Steel, Bonnetless, Flanged Knife Gate Valves

  • MSS-SP-82 --> Valve Pressure Testing Methods

  • MSS-SP-84 --> Valves—Socket-Welding and Threaded Ends

  • MSS-SP-85 --> Cast Iron Globe & Angle Valves, Flanged and Threaded Ends

  • MSS-SP-86 --> Guidelines for Metric Data in Standards for Valves, Flanges, Fittings and Actuators

  • MSS-SP-88 --> Diaphragm Type Valves

  • MSS-SP-91 --> Guidelines for Manual Operation of Valves

  • MSS-SP-92 --> MSS Valve User Guide

  • MSS-SP-93 --> Quality Standard for Steel Castings and Forgings for Valves, Flanges, and Fittings and Other Piping Components—Liquid Penetrant Examination Method

  • MSS-SP-94 --> Quality Standard for Steel Castings and Forgings for Valves, Flanges, and Fittings and Other Piping Components—Ultrasonic Examination Method

  • MSS-SP-96 --> Guidelines on Terminology for Valves and Fittings

  • MSS-SP-98 --> Protective Epoxy Coatings for the Interior of Valves and Hydrants

  • MSS-SP-99 --> Instrument Valves

  • MSS-SP-100 --> Qualification Requirements for Elastomer Diaphragms for Nuclear Service Diaphragm Type Valves

  • MSS-SP-101 --> Part–Turn Valve Actuator Attachment—Flange and Driving Components Dimensions and Performance Characteristics

  • MSS-SP-102 --> Multi-Turn Valve Actuator Attachment—Flange and Driving Component Dimensions and Performance Characteristics

  • MSS-SP-105 --> Instrument Valves for Code Applications

  • MSS-SP-108 --> Resilient Seated-Eccentric Cast Iron Plug Valves

Read more from Little P.Eng for a listing of British, DIN, Japanese, and ISO codes, standards, and specifications related to piping, valves, flanges, fittings, and bolting. #Little_PEng

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