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Little P.Eng. for Structural Engineering Services is a full-service structural engineering firm

Little P.Eng. for Structural Engineering Services is a full-service structural engineering firm with flexible working hours based in Calgary, Alberta provides and manages a diverse range of structural engineering services for new build projects, existing structures, and in support of construction activities that meet clients’ needs, while embracing sustainability and energy efficiency, our practice focus on structural design, construction project management and execution of buildings using reinforced concrete, structural steel, wood, fiber-reinforced plastic and masonry.

Save time and money with our services that include:

  • Substructures Design (Piles, Footings, Grade Beams, Slab on Grade and Retaining Walls) for Pre-Engineered Industrial Building

  • Commercial Solutions (Roof Top Unit framing, Platforms, Doors framing)

  • Mezzanines Design

  • Buildings Renovations and Additions Services

  • Field Review Services

  • Steel Stud Walls Design

  • Building Condition Assessment

  • Existing Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems Inspection

  • As-built Structural Inspection Letter

  • Review & Stamp Shop drawings

  • Skids Design

  • Pipe Racks Design

  • Foundations Design • Screw Piles Design

  • Handrail & Guards Design

  • Bulkhead Systems Design

  • Awning Systems Design

  • Shoring Systems Design

  • Monopole Billboard Sign Systems Design

  • Structural integrity Inspection & Report

  • Building Permit Services

  • Resident Engineer Services for Developers and Contractors

  • Construction Project Management Services


3705 Fonda Way #18 Southeast Calgary, T2A 6G9


+1 (587) 802-4050

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