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Licensed Professional Canadian Piping Stress Engineer

Little P.Eng. for Engineering Services proudly presents its Licensed Professional Canadian Piping Stress Engineers; Located in Calgary Alberta, we serve our clients across Canada. Our professional piping stress engineers have a bachelor's degree in mechanical / structural engineering and province licence (P.Eng.) in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario. We review, validate, certify and stamp piping and structural packages.

Our experienced engineers are skilled to perform the following piping engineering tasks:

  1. Prepare stress calculation reports

  2. Perform stress calculations using CAESAR II software in accordance with B31.3 and CSA Z662 code requirements

  3. Perform local stress calculations, slug force calculations, and flange leakage calculations using the company or industry approved software

  4. Perform nozzle load and support load calculations

  5. Prepare nozzle load and support load reports and stress ISO mark-ups showing re-routing requirements and support types and locations

  6. Prepare specialty item datasheets for spring supports, expansion joints, snubbers, etc.

  7. Conduct document checking and design verification tasks in accordance with company and project procedures

  8. Seek solutions and coordinate work with piping design group and other departments

  9. Prepare technical bid evaluations for items such as spring supports and expansion joints

  10. Supervise and train junior stress engineers

  11. Stamp datasheets, fabrication ISOs and general arrangement drawings

  12. Develop piping material specifications, pipe support standards for detailed design and procurement

  13. Coordinate and manages piping portion of projects work-shared with other consultants

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Located in Calgary Alberta, We serve our clients across Canada. Please contact us, and out piping stress engineers will help you.

+1 (587) 802-4050


3705 Fonda Way #18 Southeast Calgary, T2A 6G9


+1 (587) 802-4050

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