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Canada Piping Stress Engineer Services

Canada Piping Stress Engineer Services. by meena rezkallah, p.eng. for piping stress analysis and piping design engineering services across calgary alberta canada

As a Canadian Engineering Company, the company are renowned for their expertise in the delivery of engineering projects, within the Oil and Gas industry. We proudly present our piping stress engineers capabilities to serve our clients.

Our Piping Stress Engineers possess extensive skills within the Oil and Gas Industry based in Canada. Our Piping Stress Engineers have experience of piping stress analysis including pipe support engineering and being focused on both core engineering whilst also managing and mentoring the flied needs in fabrication and erection stages. Our Piping Stress Engineers have professional engineering licenses in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario.

Our Piping stress Engineer capabilities (Duties and responsibilities):

  • Conduct pipe stress engineering of piping systems as per ASME, ANSI B31.3, B31.1, B31.8, B31.4, CSA Z662 code needs using Caesar II software

  • Perform evaluation of nozzle loads or vessels stress utilizing WRC 107/297 capability of Caesar II program.

  • Develop engineering computations and evaluations.

  • Conduct complex engineering tasks along with key engineering work properly and efficiently.

  • Ensure to extract engineering data from CAD drawings as well as computer models.

  • Coordinate design of exclusive pipe supports as needed.

  • Ensure to complete different assignments like drawings, parameters and varied materials apt for procurement plus construction purposes.

  • Interact frequently with various engineering disciplines and departments.

  • Develop detailed requisitions for pipe stress equipments and materials.

  • Review vendor drawing submittals and conduct technical bid evaluation.

  • Develop and issue parameters, data sheets and varied construction documents.

  • Guide technically to CAD designer or drafters and engineers working on same pipe stress project.

  • Perform as advisory facility to senior management staff on engineering pertinent matters.

  • Support lead pipe stress engineer to develop and review pipe reinforcement job parameters.

  • Is responsible for the quality, budget and respect of project schedule for piping stress analysis tasks

  • Reviews the Client’s technical documentation and requirements

  • Is responsible for the design of all piping supports components

  • Issues project piping stress specification and critical lines list

  • Performs calculations of critical piping networks

  • Issues loads to allow the design of pipe-rack and foundations

  • Issues technical part of requisitions for all piping supports components required by stress analysis calls for tender

  • Issues technical bid evaluation for all piping supports components offers

  • Issues technical part of requisitions for all piping supports components purchase orders

  • Reviews and approve vendors documents

  • Maintains project technical files and update Company standards

  • Performs the inter-disciplines checking for the part of documents in accordance with the scope of piping material section

  • Checks sub-contracted discipline engineering documents in accordance with the scope of piping stress section

  • Checks documents issued by other piping stress engineers

  • Checks the isometrics for construction of critical lines issued by the drafting office

  • Assists P&ID’ section preparation for stress inputs of line list


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Located in Calgary Alberta Canada; We serve our clients across Canada and USA.

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