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Once the stress intensities are computed, the user can elect to use the WRC 107 stress summation routine to compare the computed stress intensities against the stress allowables as required in Appendix 4 of ASME Section VIII, Division 2.

The WRC 107 stress summation routine can be activated from the WRC 107 Menu. The stress summation will be performed automatically after the user identifies the problem name of the stress calculation. A sample output is given below.

WRC 407 Sample Calculation in caesar ii by meena rezkallah, p.eng., the best piping stress engineer & professional engineer in calgary alberta canada. pipe stress analysis services. Engineering Company. Engineering firm

Since the present nozzle loading will cause stress intensities that are not acceptable to the ASME Section VIII, Division 2 criteria, it will have to be corrected. One way of dealing with this type of situation is to adjust the nozzle loading at its source, while the other option might be to reinforce the nozzle connection on the vessel side either by increasing the vessel thickness or by adding a reinforcing pad. The same analysis procedure can be repeated until the final results become acceptable. Note that once a reinforcing pad is selected, the program will automatically compute the stress state at the edge of the pad as well as at the edge of the nozzle.


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