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(Pipe Stress Analysis, Pipe Support & Structural Analysis) Engineering Services across Canada (O

Meena Development LTD. Engineering Services Division is a specialized engineering services provider in the plant design industry catering to certain key and challenging engineering design services. It provides world class services to our clients across Canada and USA with our highly professional teams and by following best industry practices and internationally formulated standards and by adhering to international Society Codes such as ASME/API/BS/CSA Codes for Design/Analysis verification and validation. Meena Development LTD. provides these Plant Engineering services worldwide from facilities in Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. With its leadership position in engineering solutions to Oil and Gas industries in north America for two decade, Meena Development LTD. Engineering Services Division provides the following Services:

(Pipe Stress Analysis, Pipe Support & Structural Analysis) Engineering Services across Canada (Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia & Saskatchewan)


Meena Development LTD. Offers its engineering services to Upstream, midstream and Downstream Projects to Oil & Gas Industries.

  • Pipe Stress Analysis

  • Pipe Support Design

  • 3D Plant Modeling

  • Hydraulic Calculation

  • Surge Analysis

  • Static Equipment Analysis


A skid system is any process implement, operational device or system that can help a customer save time and money, or increase flexibility by assembling a group of modular pieces together as a single unit.

  • Pipe Stress Analysis

  • Pipe Support Design

  • Complete SKID 3D Modeling

  • Hydraulic Calculation

  • Pressure Vessel Analysis


District cooling is the centralized production and distribution of cooling energy delivered via an underground insulated pipeline to cool the indoor air of the buildings within a district.

  • Pipe Stress Analysis

  • Pipe Support Design

  • 3D Modeling of Pump & ETS Area

  • Hydraulic Calculation

  • Surge Analysis

  • Static Equipment Analysis

  • Thermal Storage Tank Design


Fire Protection system is very essential to the any industrial safety requirements.

  • Pipe Stress Analysis

  • Pipe Support Design

  • 3D Modeling of Fire

  • Protection system

  • Hydraulic Calculation

  • Surge Analysis


Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from industrial wastewater to produce environmentally safe treated wastewater.


  • Pipe Stress Analysis

  • Pipe Support Design

  • 3D STP Plant Modeling

  • Hydraulic Calculation

  • Surge Analysis

Pipe Stress Analysis

Pipe Flexibility is a critical component in any piping design. It is mandatory that the critical piping which are operating under high pressure or high temperature services need to be analyzed for flexibility, expansion and load sustaining capabilities. Meena Development LTD. offers comprehensive service which covers all aspects of Pipe Stress analysis for various industries. What we do – Static load and stress calculations of above ground and underground piping systems.

  • Wind load calculation.

  • FRP & GRP pipe stress analysis.

  • Offshore piping stress analysis.

  • Fatigue analysis and cumulative usage report.

  • Dynamic analysis and harmonic forces and displacements of piping systems.

  • Mode shapes and natural frequency calculations.

  • Shock spectrum analysis and independent support motion (earthquake).

  • Force spectrum analysis (liquid hammer, slug flow & relief valve discharge).

  • Model time history analysis.

  • Calculation of Spring Stiffness.

  • Thrust force of Expansion Bellows.

  • Effects of Thermal Loads.

  • Vibration Analysis.

  • Steam Hammer & Water Hammer.

  • Sea Wave load spectrum.

  • Safety Valve Reaction Force.

Pipe Support & Structural Analysis

Meena Development LTD. offers services in Structural engineering / analysis of structural components used in refineries, chemical plants, power plants, pharmaceutical plants, food processing plants and other processing facilities. Typical structural engineering / analysis which are provided are as follows:

Structural Analysis:

  • Structural engineering calculations per AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction), IS, ACI, AASHTO, BS, UBC & API to design, analyze and check the load carrying capacities of various structural components (vessel internal components, rectangular ducts with stiffeners, pipe racks, pipe supports, beams, columns, structural connections etc.).

  • Calculations of minimum retirement thickness based on structural engineering considerations (also known as structural Min. ‘T’ to avoid jeopardizing the structural stability of pressure equipment (Pressure vessels, Heat exchangers, tanks and piping).

  • Structural Analysis and Design of special structures and non-pressure parts (e.g. platforms, ladders, clips and other attachments) attached to various parts of Pressure Vessels and Heat Exchangers. These calculations may include hand calculations or customized MathCAD calculations.

  • Structural stability analysis (e.g. nonlinear buckling analysis) to make sure that the structure / mechanical component will not buckle for the given design loading.

Pipe Support Design:

Selection of Pipe Supports

  • Load calculation for Pipe Support

  • Structural design of Pipe Supports

  • Spring Hanger Data Sheets

  • Thrust Block Sizing

  • Plates, Inserts & Loading Drawing (input to Civil)

Located in Calgary Alberta, We offer our Piping Engineering Services, Skid Design Services and Structural Engineering Services across Canada. To get our Piping Stress Analysis Services, please contact our Engineering company.

Our structural Engineers / piping stress engineers have a bachelor's and Master's degree in mechanical / structural engineering and province license (P.Eng.) in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario. We review, validate, certify and stamp piping and structural packages. Also check Industries We Serve.

Located in Calgary, AlbertaVancouver, BCToronto, OntarioEdmonton, AlbertaHouston TexasTorrance, CaliforniaEl Segundo, CAManhattan Beach, CA; Concord, CA; We offer our engineering consultancy services across Canada and United States. Meena Rezkallah.

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