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Structural / Piping Engineering Company across Canada (Alberta, Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatche

Meena Development LTD. offers design, maintenance, and troubleshooting engineering services to chemical plants, refineries, utilities, water processing and purification facilities, paper mills, energy and power generation, steel mills etc. Our services focus on structural and mechanical engineering of piping, plant and vessels. We provide quick response, quality engineering, at economical prices.

We understand that a plant’s or piping system goal is to produce quality products at market prices, in a safe manner. To achieve these goals, low maintenance and high reliability of piping and equipment is essential. For these reasons, it is important that piping, plants and vessels be designed, maintained, and repaired according to applicable codes and standards. We provide engineering services to help your facility comply with ASME, API, NEMA, CSA, and other codes and standards.

We offer a full range of mechanical and metallurgical engineering services across Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan).

At Meena Development LTD., Pipe stress analysis is an analytical method to determine how a Plant or Piping system behaves based on its material, pressure, temperature, fluid, and support either above ground or underground.

This analysis calculates piping stresses resulting from thermal cycles, pipe and fitting weights and static pressure for the main process piping. Generally, we evaluates stress due to thermal cycles, weight, and static pressures in the piping as per all industry piping codes, such as B31.3, B31.8, CSA Z662, BS826, BS7159, FDBR, DNV and others.

We calculate loads on equipment (e.g., piping’s, vessels, coolers, pumps, and compressors) and make recommendations to meet up with industry standards.

  • Simulate Operational Plant and Piping Vibration Pattern and deflections

  • Recommends pipe layout, pipe support, and clamp designs and lots more.

Vibration-induced fatigue, pipe stress, transient events and small-bore connections are high-risk areas requiring our engineering support.

In every process industry, there is a significant part of the piping system which runs underground. Oil and gas pipelines are buried in the ground for 360-degree protection and support. However, buried or underground piping is generally used to carry fluids for long miles.

These buried pipelines experience a significant load because of relative ground displacements along their length. Piping stress analysis offers a helping hand for underground piping to address the static as well as dynamic loading, which results from the temperature changes, effects of gravity, internal and external pressures. This stress analysis ensures the safety of piping, piping components, connected equipment and supporting structure.

At Meena Development Engineering Services, we help you perform a full analysis of your buried pipes.

Our Structural engineers are mainly civil engineers. At Meena Development Engineering Services, our engineers are trained to understand, predict, and calculate the stability, strength and rigidity of built structures for buildings and non-building structures. To develop, designs and integrate their designs with that of other designers, and to supervise construction of projects on site. They are also involved in the design of machinery medical equipment and vehicles where structural integrity affects functioning and safety.

At Meena Development Engineering Services, our theory is based upon applied physical laws and empirical knowledge of the structural performance of different materials and geometrics. We utilize a number of relatively simple structural elements to build complex structural system. Our structural engineers are responsible for making creative and efficient use of funds, structural elements and material to achieve these goals.

At Meena Development Engineering and consultancy services, the satisfaction of our clients and integrity of their asset is our business.

At Little P.Eng. Engineering Consult Services, we help our clients paddle toward prevention rather than reaction

Please contact us to discuss any structural, piping, plant or vessel issues. Advice is free and we can usually provide estimated engineering costs with information provided over the telephone.


3705 Fonda Way #18 Southeast Calgary, T2A 6G9


+1 (587) 802-4050

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