Little P.Eng. for Engineering Services extensive multi-industry experience gives us an unrivaled capability in delivering technically challenging Structural, Mechanical, Piping projects across Canada and USA.


We have sophisticated and skilled registered professional engineers all over the ten provinces of Canada and the fifty states of united states.

Little P.Eng. for Engineering Services Canada & USA based team formed of skilled professional engineers with vast experience in a variety of projects over more than 15 years ready to help our clients in the following industries / sectors below:

Little P.Eng. for Engineers Training Goals
  • Little P.Eng. for Engineers Training is founded by Engineers who wants to develop the engineering community in Canada and Alberta specifically.

  • We do not aim to make profit from our students.

  • We help recently graduated engineers, student engineers, new comers engineers.

  • We do not represent any company or association in our free study group

  • We do not sell, distribute or publish programs, codes, books.


If you are searching for "Process Piping Design Training", "Piping Design Training” or "Engineering Services" your search has been successful. Welcome to Little P.Eng. for Engineers Training in oil and gas field. We present our educational and training services across Calgary AB and surrounding cities. Our working hours start from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, but our courses times starts from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm for more convenience to our dear students.

Little P.Eng. For Engineers Training started by helping friends and family in the Civil and Mechanical Engineering fields. Has since grown to help qualify and expand the skills of newcomers, engineering students, fresh graduates as well as working engineers.

Our passion of engineering will motivate others, as well as give them the skills needed to be a global asset. We believe investment in individuals’ skills and knowledge is the solution to local and global issues, moving Canada forward in the professional industry. Therefore, more Canadians qualified and experienced, more prosperity and security can be granted to our community.

Little P.Eng. For Engineers Training offers the following courses:

  • Piping Stress Analysis Using Computer Training Course.

  • Process Piping Design as per American Code B31.3 Code Training Course.

  • Power Piping Design as per American Code B31.1 Code Training Course.

  • Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems as per American Code B31.8 Training Course.

  • Rules of Construction of Pressure Vessels as per American Code VIII div.1 Code Training Course.

  • Alternative Rules of Construction of Pressure Vessels as per American Code VIII div.2 Code Training Course.

Little P.Eng. For Engineers Training presents our educational and training services to the following cities: Bay area California, Calgary, Airdrie, Heritage Point, Strathmore, Okotoks. Also, Black Diamond, Elbow Valley, Priddis, Bearspaw, Langdon. In addition, High River, Springbank, Balzac, Cochrane, Bragg Creek, Indus, Chestermere and Dewinton.

Little P.Eng. for Engineers Training presents educational and training services to the following postal codes: T0J, T0L, T1X, T1Y, T2A, T2B, T2C, T2E, T2G, T2H, T2J, T2K, T2L, T2M, T2N, T2P, T2R, T2S, T2T, T2V, T2W, T2X, T2Y, T2Z, T3A, T3B, T3C, T3E, T3G, T3H, T3J, T3K, T3L, T3M, T3N, T3Z, T4A, T4B, T4C, T1S, T1X 0B8, T1X 0X9, T2A 0A2, T2A 0A3, T2A 0A8, T2A 0B1, T2B 0A4, T2B 0A6, T2B 0C2, T2B 0E3, T2C 0A9, T2C 0B4, T2C 0C4, T2C 0C6, T2E 0A2, T2E 0A4, T2E 0B2, T2E 0B3, T2G 0A1, T2G 0A2, T2G 0A5, T2G 0A9, T2H 0C1, T2H 0E8, T2H 0G3, T2H 0G4, T2J 0A3, T2J 0A4, T2J 0A6, T2J 0B3, T2K 0A1, T2K 0A3, T2K 0A5, T2K 0A8, T2L 0A1, T2L 0A2, T2L 0A3, T2L 0A7, T2M 0A4, T2M 0B3, T2M 0B4, T2M 0B7, T2N 0A1, T2N 0A2, T2N 0A3, T2N 0A4, T2P 0B9, T2P 0C5, T2P 0E6, T2P 0G4, T2R 0A3, T2R 0A5, T2R 0A8, T2R 0B2, T2S 0A6, T2S 0A7, T2S 0A8, T2S 0A9,  T2T 0A1, T2T 0A2, T2T 0A3, T2T 0A5, T2V 0A1, T2V 0A2, T2V 0A3, T2V 0A5, T2W 0A1, T2W 0A2, T2W 0A3, T2W 0A5, T2X 0A1, T2X 0A4, T2X 0B4, T2X 0C1, T2Y 0A2, T2Y 0A3, T2Y 0A4, T2Y 0A7, T2Z 0A4, T2Z 0A8, T2Z 0B3, T2Z 0B4, T3A 0A2, T3A 0A7, T3A 0B1, T3A 0B6, T3B 0A1, T3B 0A3, T3B 0A6, T3B 0A8, T3C 0A1, T3C 0A2, T3C 0A3, T3C 0A6, T3E 0A7, T3E 0C3, T3E 0E3, T3E 0E8, T3G 0A5, T3G 0A7, T3G 0A8, T3G 0X5, T3H 0A4, T3H 0A5, T3H 0A9, T3H 0B1, T3J 0A1, T3J 0A2, T3J 0A4, T3J 0A5, T3K 0A1, T3K 0A3, T3K 0A4, T3K 0A5, T3L 0A3, T3L 0B3, T3L 1A1, T3L 1A2, T3M 0A1, T3M 0A2, T3M 0A3, T3M 0A4, T3N 4B7, T3Z 1A6, T3Z 1B1, T3Z 1B4, T3Z 1B9, T3Z 1C3, T0J 0A0, T0J 0B0, T0J 0G0, T0J 0K0. #Little_PEng