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ASME B31 (Code for Pressure Piping)

Starting with Project B31 in March 1926, the first edition of American tentative Standard Code for Pressure Piping was published in 1935. In view of continuous industry developments and increases in diversified needs over the years, decisions were made to publish several sections of the Code for Pressure Piping. Since December 1978, the American National Standards Committee B31 was reorganized as the ASME Code for Pressure Piping B31 Committee under procedures developed by the ASME and accredited by ANSI.

Presently, the following sections of ASME B31, Code for Pressure Piping are published:

  • ASME B31.1 Power Piping

  • USAS B31.2 Fuel Gas Piping

  • ASME B31.3 Process Piping

  • ASME B31.4 Liquid Transportation Systems for Hydrocarbons, Liquid Petroleum Gas, Anhydrous Ammonia, and Alcohol

  • ASME B31.5 Refrigeration Piping

  • ASME B31.8 Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems

  • ASME B31.9 Building Services Piping

  • ASME B31.11 Slurry Transportation Piping Systems


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