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(Pipe Stress Analysis / Structural Analysis) Services & Design Validation / Professional Stamping

We are experts in carrying out various analysis such as Pipe Stress, Structural, and Electrical Network etc. We provide analysis in all Fields of Engineering as mentioned below:

(Pipe Stress Analysis - Structural Analysis) Services & Design Validation - Professional Stamping Services by meena rezkallah, p.eng., the best pipe stress engineer & professional engineer in calgary alberta canada.

Piping Flexibility / Stress Analysis (using Caesar II)

  • Stress Analysis Model (CAESARII)

  • Analysis Formatted Report with Recommendation

  • Stress Isometric

  • Load List for Support Design

  • Support Design

Typical Deliverables provided as part of Analysis

  • Critical Line list preparation-based Design Guidelines

  • Modelling for Flexibility/Stress Analysis

  • Identification of optimized support location

  • Design (Specification & Data Sheet) of various special components & support such as Variable & Fixed Spring Hanger, Expansion Joints, Rod Hangers etc.

  • System Generated Report along with Stress Isometric showing all support Location

  • Formatted Report – with consolidated details as below –

  • Conclusion with qualification system safe

  • Summary of Stress and Restraint

  • Nozzle load Summary

  • Summary of Live and Dead Load on Supports

  • Drawings such as System generated 3D Plot and Isometric (with duly marked support location and type)

Structural Analysis – STAAD Pro, RISA 3D, etc..

  • Various Codes usages proficiencies – AISC, IS, ACI, AASHTO, BS, UBC & API, IBC 2018, ASCE 7-16

  • Analysis and Design

  • Load Carrying Capacity

  • Minimum Retirement Thickness

  • Special and Technological Structures

  • Structural Stability – Non-linear Buckling

  • Consideration of Various Loads such as Environmental Loads (Wind, Snow, Rain, Seismic etc.)

  • Time History Analysis of Blast Resistant construction

  • P Delta Analysis

  • Finite Element Analysis

  • Dynamic Analysis

  • Analysis for Wind Tunnel Forces

Mechanical Strength Calculation – We have strong Team to carry strength calculation using PV Elite/Compress

  • We have proficiency in working with Various Codes such as ASME SEC VIII, Div I & II, TEMA, API 610, 650, ASRAE, NBC

  • Analysis and Design

  • Strength Calculation

  • Modelling in PV Elite for analysis

  • Minimum Thickness requirement

  • Consideration of Various Loads such as Environmental Loads (Wind, Snow, Rain, Seismic / Earthquake forces etc.)

  • Reinforcement Pad Thickness calculation (i.e. Area Compensation calculation)

  • Prepare GFC drawing based on analysis results

  • Preparation Fabrication Drawing.

Our professional piping stress engineers have a bachelor's degree in mechanical / structural engineering and province license (P.Eng.) in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Ontario. We review, validate, certify and stamp piping and structural packages.


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As pipe stress analysis company located in Calgary, Alberta; Vancouver, BC; Toronto, Ontario; Buena Park, California; We serve our clients across Canada and USA. please contact us at:

+1 (587) 802-4050

We provide premium piping engineering & full-service pipe design and pipeline / pipe stress analysis services, from initial concept through final construction. We serve all types of industries across Canada & globally. Using CAESAR II and pipe stress calculations as per API, ASME B31.3, B31.1, B31.8, B31.4, CSA Z662.

Located in Calgary, AlbertaVancouver, BCToronto, OntarioEdmonton, AlbertaHouston TexasTorrance, CaliforniaEl Segundo, CAManhattan Beach, CA; Concord, CA; We offer our engineering consultancy services across Canada and United States. Meena Rezkallah.

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