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CAESAR II Piping Flexibility and Pipe Stress Analysis Services across Middle East

Meena Development LTD. was founded by a group of Structural / Piping engineers with more than 20 years collaborative experience consulting. Although Meena Development LTD. is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, we assist clients worldwide especially the Arabian Gulf Countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates) with exceptional Structural / mechanical engineering services.

Meena Development LTD. offers the following engineering services to its valuable clients:

CAESAR II Piping Flexibility and Pipe Stress Analysis Services across Middle East

Meena Development LTD's engineers are registered professional engineers at the Engineering Associations in Canada (APEGA, APEGS, EGBC, PEO) and are capable to sign-off any project no matter the size.

Meena Development LTD. is focused on delivering outstanding quality work, on time and at affordable rates.

Our team of Pipe stress analysis consultants forms the functional core of what we do here at our Canada offices. Pipes are used extensively in Industrial facilities, such as

If it comes to Piping Design and Pipe Stress Analysis problems, Meena Development LTD. is your answer for expert piping engineering solutions. By utilizing industry leading software like Caesar II, Bosfluids and Solidplant for routing, Meena Development LTD. offers a wide range of piping engineering services including the following:

  • Static Pipe Flexibility Analysis (Pressure, Weight, Thermal Expansion, Wind & Snow loads etc.)

  • Vibration & Shock Analysis

  • Water Hammer Analysis (Surge Analysis)

  • Pump Start-up & Shut-down Analysis

  • Seismic Analysis

  • Support Selection and design

  • Spring Hanger Design

  • Flange Leakage Checks

  • Generation of Pipe Isometric Drawings

  • Design of non-standard components (Tees, Elbows, Weldolets, etc.)

  • Design of sealboxes

  • Hot Tapping designs and analyses

Meena Development LTD. can perform pipe stress analysis in accordance to any International recognized Piping Standard.

Why Choose Us 1. Cost Effective Computer-Aided Engineering Design Capabilities We have the tools needed to execute detailed designs in the most cost-effective manner possible for piping system layouts and isometrics, equipment arrangements and stack-ups. 3D CAD modeling is the basic basis of our piping design process. All our piping system design projects begin with 3-D models. It is from this master 3D CAD model that the project deliverables are extracted. This includes ● Pipe isometric drawings ● Pipe arrangement drawings ● Pipe Plans & Elevations drawings ● Engineering Bill of materials (BOM) 2. Experienced Piping Design Expertise Our piping engineering design team have extensive industrial experience in providing pipe design services from construction support to the most elaborate 3-D designs. Working with our highly professional and skilled piping engineers, we take every possible attention to make sure that all piping system structure design that needs pipe stress analysis are thoroughly inspected and properly supported

3. Integrated Piping System Design WorkFlow Our integrated piping system design processes give us the capability to conveniently export piping stress analysis files that can then be imported into our pipe-stress analysis software. This intelligent 3D CAD modeling process enhances the value for our clients and allows for the most cost-effective delivery of our project deliverables (such as specification documentation and CAD design drawings. Our company has an extensive database of piping and insulation specifications, which allows us to support the provision of specific specification details to eliminate additional unnecessary designs and reduce precious project man-hours needed.

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3705 Fonda Way #18 Southeast Calgary, T2A 6G9


+1 (587) 802-4050

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