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Meena Development for Piping Stress Analysis, Structural Engineering across Canada & Abu Dhabi.

Meena Development LTD. is a Nationally recognized firm that has been leading the way in Design and Detailed Engineering Services for oil and gas companies globally. We have been providing all round engineering solutions such as Detailing, Designing, Layouts, Piping Stress Analysis, Piping Engineering, Structural Engineering.

Meena Development for Piping Stress Analysis, Structural Engineering across Canada & Abu Dhabi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. by Meena Rezkallah, P.Eng. and engineering consultant company

Our company has been progressing by leaps and bounds, because of well managed team with expertise in engineering Instrumentation, Piping, Drawing & Drafting and Calculation softwares such as SmartPlant P&ID, CAESAR II, ETAP, MICROSTATION, CADWorx, .

Understanding the huge demand of manpower in Oil & Gas Industry, we provide engineering training and at the same time, we also provide Manpower Supply Services to Oil & Gas Industry.

WHY Meena Development LTD.

  • Registered APEGA Company, run by professional Canadian Engineers

  • Project completion on time

  • Experience of over decades in industry

  • Trust & Credibility in the market

  • Deployment of skilled engineering professionals

  • Engineering services of international standard

  • Cost effective services to the industry

  • Government statutory compliance


Meena Development for Piping Stress Analysis, Structural Engineering across Canada & Abu Dhabi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. by Meena Rezkallah, P.Eng. and engineering consultant company

We aim to become one of the world's leading engineering company with a vision of becoming one shop stop solution for Design and Detail Engineering Services.

Meena Development LTD. is an exciting, fast growing engineering company with a family-friendly atmosphere, a strong dedication to customer satisfaction, and a drive to provide positive technical contributions.

Meena Development LTD. recognizes that "company staff" are our most important asset. We are dedicated to our valuable employees, providing on-going education, training and the opportunity to develop the professional skills and experience necessary to provide the combination of high-level technology and safety that our customers expect.

As a company we are prepared for the toughest of challenges and see opportunity in adversity. It is without any doubt that I can say, we as a dependable business partner to our clients adopt your project vision as ours and take responsibility for each step.


Piping Engineering Services at Meena Development LTD. brings a vast, ironic and real experience for the assistance of our customers. We have skilled team of piping designers and piping engineers who have knowledge to optimize piping layouts and piping stress analysis without any maintenance and repairing. Being a trustworthy company, we offer excellent consulting and engineering services for clients all across the world. Our experts are skilled in using 3D plant design software for piping stress analysis. Till now, we have come across several projects and we have become successful in providing perfect designing and as-built documentation to customers. We undertake projects of Oil & Gas companies and try to make it done on time. This capability and value-added services have brought us one amongst leading Service Providers of Piping Engineering from Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


  • Prepare design basis and standard drawings

  • Prepare piping materials specifications

  • Customization of database

  • Plot plan development

  • Make Equipment General Arrangement Drawings

  • Key plan preparation

  • Executing piping studies

  • Single line structure drawings and piping load data preparation

  • Prepare nozzle orientation and support clean requirement drawings

  • Preparation of Material Take off’s/ Requisition for Piping and Specialty Items

  • Demolition Drawings preparation for overhauling projects

  • Stress critical line list preparation

  • Pipe support engineering comprising of special supports

  • Piping systems stress analysis

  • Piping General Arrangement Drawings preparation

  • Pipe Support Engineering comprising of special supports preparation of data sheets and requisition for expansion joints, spring hangers, slide plates, snubbers, etc.

  • Isometric Drawings preparation

  • Technical bid calculation of vendor proposals and technical endorsements

  • Evaluation and approval of vendor drawings


We offer high level of expertise in pipe stress analysis of high temperature piping using CAESAR II (Metallic and FRP/ GRP lines)


Static piping analysis studies constant environmental factors, including: pressure, weight, and thermal variables. Different fluid types can impact these factors. We have specific expertise with: steam, glycol, oil, water, gas, chemicals, and other fluids.


Transient analysis deals with transient fluid properties, such as pressure pulsation, mechanical vibration, valve closure, pump start/stop, relief events, slugging, and water hammer. These factors can be present in normal pipeline and facility piping. Reciprocator compressor piping may resonate with mechanical vibration or pressure pulsation. Slugging in pipelines occurs in multiphase systems. The slug causes significant forces at changes in direction and can result in piping failures or damage to adjacent equipment and piping. Mechanical Vibration Analysis analyzes transient response of a system to excitation forces. This can be a simple natural frequency comparison with excitation frequencies, a force spectrum analysis, or a time history analysis. Water Hammer Analysis addresses events which can cause pressure surges resulting in equipment failures in pumps, turbines, and valves. Diagnosing and removing potential causes of water hammer events minimizes failure risk. Water hammer can be caused by sudden valve closure or pump trip or start-up/shut- down of facilities and equipment. Start-up / shut-down transient analysis (pump trip) analyzes the forces exerted through a system start-up or shut-down. These events can cause unexpected and uneven fluid forces; equipment and systems must be designed with this in anticipation to prevent failure.


Meena Development LTD. ample experience and expertise in a variety of fields to provide practical, optimized and client oriented solutions for a wide range of structural design problems. We focus on engineering and design of steel and reinforced concrete structures covering, but not limited to:

Meena Development for Piping Stress Analysis, Structural Engineering across Canada & Abu Dhabi, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. by Meena Rezkallah, P.Eng. and engineering consultant company.
  • Transmission towers

  • Modular Buildings

  • Skid and Pipe Support Modules

  • Industrial buildings

  • Commercial spaces

  • Residential spaces

  • Pipe racks etc.

Our experience in multiple global projects signifies that we can provide design solutions using several global loading and design standards viz.

  • American

  • Canadian

  • European

  • UBC

  • IBC etc.

Providing solutions convenient and efficient for clients is our priority and we have ensured proficiency in most of the available structural design and CAD software packages. We have the know-how of:

  • STAADPro 

  • SAP2000 

  • ETABS 

  • HILTI 




Meena Development LTD. has extensive experience with many as-building projects. We update the drawings to match conditions in the field. Our staff is equipped with proper skills such

  • As-built engineering by site survey

  • Updating drawing as per the markups

  • Re-creations of intelligent P&IDs

  • 2D drawing conversion


Meena Development LTD. is a well-established company that offers Shut–Down Projects Services to Oil and Gas/EPC companies in Canada and Arabian Gulf Countries (Abu Dhabi). It’s all possible due to our engineers and designers who have many years of experience and knowledge about Smart Plant, CADWorx Engineering tools and software. With the help it, they are able to work on oil and gas project for designing and setting up proper model of plant in Canada and Arabian Gulf Countries (Abu Dhabi). With an aim to meet the demands of various oil and gas companies in Canada and Arabian Gulf Countries (Abu Dhabi), our experts work effortlessly on contract basis to provide perfect designing of plant. Shut–Down Projects for Oil & Gas/EPC Companies plays an effective role in establishing an oil and gas industry. So, it better to hire an experienced professionals so that they can execute on it properly and in limited time period.

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3705 Fonda Way #18 Southeast Calgary, T2A 6G9


+1 (587) 802-4050

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