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Pipe Stress Analysis / Support Design Services and Piping Engineering Service across Canada and USA

Whether you are searching for "Pipe Stress Analysis Services", "Support Design Services", or "Piping Engineering Service"; Our Engineering Company is the best choice due to large experience in several projects and extremely affordable and competitive hourly rate. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada we operate everywhere from local markets to the most remote regions of the world especially North America (united states and Canada) to present the best Engineering Services.

Most project specifications now require their piping layout and support configurations be analyzed for flexibility and ANSI code compliance. These projects also require the specific loading conditions that piping will place on the building structures. The most important function in the analysis of any piping system is to determine the most efficient pipe support arrangement. Our goal is to insure that the piping system has the lowest possible stresses, be within ANSI code allowable stresses, and design a pipe support arrangement that will impose the least amount of load on the building structure and mechanical equipment connections. Most piping systems must be analyzed for a multiple of load cases – such as those listed below.

  • Deadweight

  • Thermal

  • Pressure

  • Seismic

  • Wind

  • Steam/Water Hammer

  • Underground Piping

The software used for our piping analysis is always the latest version of CAESAR II program. This software is considered the leader in this industry.

We provide full engineering services for the design and detailing of pipe supports and restraints. Our designs will utilize standard MSS products whenever possible and the client can select their preferred manufacturer such as: American Pipe Supports, Anvil Int'l, Bergen Pipe Supports, Carpenter & Paterson, Cooper B-line, and Piping Technology. We have extensive knowledge of the costs of catalog products and steel fabrication, and design our supports and restraints to provide our client with a least cost support system. All pipe support designs are fully detailed using Autodesk's AutoCAD software and can be shown on 8 ½”x11”, 11”x17” or any large drawing format. Each design is completely detailed for shop fabrication and ease of installation. Such designs include, rigid and spring supports, guides, anchors, and thrust restraints. For less complex piping systems "typical" support assemblies can be utilized.

Flexibility Analysis or better known as Pipe Stress Analysis is the “black art” in mechanical engineering. It is NOT finite element analysis (FEA) but an advanced version of ‘Stick & Beam Theory’ using analysis tools such as, CAESAR II software. If you don’t allow for thermal expansion, pressure, dead weight, water/steam hammer, creep, fatigue or corrosion of steel pipes, these pipes will rupture and fail, the question is not “if”, but “when”?

At Design Stress Ltd., we have a combined team experience of over 110 years solving stress-related issues for clients across many industries including nuclear, defense (submarines), new build, oil & gas, process plant and renewable energy. It is this breadth of experience that enables us to identify potential difficulties and solve problems cost effectively.

Our Approach to Pipe Stress Analysis

To ensure our clients get the most cost effective solution, the preferred commercial software we NOW use is CAESAR II; from which we can stress and analyze huge piping systems to nearly all ASME and British Standards (BS). All our work is supported with full comprehensive Stress Analysis Reports and if required by the client, we can also provide Piping Stress Isometrics. Other specialist softwares, such as, CAESAR II software are also used for process and power pipework. We can also specify off-the-shelf pipe supports using our breadth of knowledge and experience of the Canada supply chain, and carryout stress hand calculations or finite element analysis (FEA) of bespoke supports using Autodesk Inventor and/or ANSYS Workbench.

Piping engineering is about developing efficient piping processes to safely transport duty across an industrial facility. An efficient and safe piping system begins with an intelligent design; providing a piping process that controls the pressure, load, flow rate and temperature of the transmitted fluid or gas.

Everything from piping material to layout to in-line fittings, valves and pipe supports must be designed to meet the appropriate codes and standards. At Design Stress Ltd. our consultants have proven experience in Lead Piping Engineer roles in several large Canada projects (worth over $200m). We have the ability to drive teams of designers and engineers to produce 3D models of building piping layouts, plant and equipment from which DPDs (Design Proposal Drawings) & General Arrangement drawings are produced.

Our Piping Engineering Service and expertise covers:

  • Full piping material specifications

  • Pipe line sizing

  • P&ID reviews

  • Line list according to P&ID

  • Flange verification

  • Pump sizing and selection

  • Layout of supports taking cognizance of span limits

  • Bespoke pipe supports

  • Wall thickness and structural calculations

  • Lagging & cladding selection and thicknesses

  • Recommendations for NDT

  • Design verification

  • Failure investigations

  • Plant life extension

Benefits of using our services

  • We are highly qualified and professionally Chartered Engineers, some of our Engineers are Dual Chartered and qualified to PhD level.

  • We specialize in those jobs that are too small for you to recruit a full-time engineer, therefore you are getting quality within a budget.

  • Speed: our primary goal is two-fold, quality followed by speed of delivery.

  • Value for money: a fixed priced, so no surprises afterwards.


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Located in Calgary, AlbertaVancouver, BCToronto, OntarioEdmonton, AlbertaHouston TexasTorrance, CaliforniaEl Segundo, CAManhattan Beach, CA; Concord, CA; We offer our engineering consultancy services across Canada and United States. Meena Rezkallah.

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