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Seismic Bracing, Seismic Bracing Products Selection Services for all Non-Structural Building Utility

Our staff have experience designing seismic bracing and seismic restraint systems for 20 years, across Canada, United states and globally. We provide complete (building code compliant) engineering design services for MEP support systems. Our services include the custom design and selection of seismic restraint braces, cables, anchors. We are specialized in MEP non-structural seismic restraint engineering services, and seismic bracing products selection services for the construction industry.

Little P.Eng. engineering approach to seismic bracing design provides significantly enhanced value to both owners and contractors. Little P.Eng. engineering provides project specific designs that consider the dynamic response of the structure and supported distributed MEP systems. This approach results in designs that are more cost effective than simply using National Building code of Canada NBCC, International Building Code IBC, ASCE 7 simplified static design methods.

Little P.Eng. engineering experience has included seismic restraint design for military faculties, such as the Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz is a U.S. Marine Corps facility located in the village of Dededo in northwest Guam. Since the founding of Little P.Eng. engineering, Little P.Eng. engineers have served seismic bracing procurement and supply entity, and seismic bracing installation contractors. Little P.Eng. engineering has completed seismic bracing design, equipment seismic restraint design, and seismic equipment support/bracing design numerous aspects projects with for the following types of industries:

Our experienced professional engineers have developed several innovative techniques for substantially reducing the number and sizes of seismic bracing, using advanced concepts in bracing hysteric behavior.

Types of Seismic Bracing Systems

  • Rigid Bracing, Cable Bracing

  • Trapeze Hangers

  • Suspended Hangers

  • Branch Line Restraints

  • Rod Stiffeners

Installation Applications

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical, Low Voltage

  • Piping, Plumbing

  • HVAC, Duct

  • Fire Sprinkler

  • MEP Contractors

  • Construction Companies

  • Design/Architect Firms

  • Building Owners

  • Retrofit Projects

  • Building Code Compliance

Other Engineering Services

  • Custom MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) Support Engineering We supply custom analyses and evaluate individual systems within the overall context of the entire commercial building project. This allows the architect, other engineers, contractor, sub-contractors, and/or building owners to devise systems that best integrate with the building’s architectures and desired performance.

  • Engineered Design Layouts

    • First, we take a multi-hazard approach towards commercial building designs that account for the potential impact of seismic forces as well as any major hazards to which the area is vulnerable.

    • Second, we evaluate performance-based requirements, which may exceed the minimum life safety requirements of current seismic codes, and establish the appropriate needs for the building in regards to seismic MEP.

    • Third, and as important as the others, because earthquake forces are dynamic and each building responds according to its own design complexity, we work collaboratively with all the building design engineers and sub-contractors to use the best methods and seismic products available.

  • Seismic Calculations Earthquake resistant design requires calculations of earthquake forces on buildings and structures. FSS works to identify the appropriate calculations appropriate for the location of the building.

  • Review of Full Design Package for City Permit FSS goes through an entire checklist from site photos to drawings to calculations to complete the full submittal package needed.

  • Frame Design and Fabrication We help the MEP contractors with any issues regarding the frame design of the structure and any fabricated assemblies.

  • Shaft Support Engineering Force Support Services helps to solve the issues and do the calculations for:

    1. Shear stresses due to the transmission of torque (due to torsional load)

    2. Bending stresses (tensile or compressive due to the forces acting upon the machine elements like gears and pulleys as well as the self weight of the shaft)

    3. Stresses due to combined torsional and bending loads

  • Vibration Isolation Design We contribute to the process of designing the best and most efficient way to isolate undesirable movement and prevent the transfer of vibration throughout commercial buildings for MEP equipment and issues.

  • Rooftop Support Engineering FSS reviews roof access walkways, cable tray supports and pipe supports to add value engineering to every building we work with in conjunction with our MEP contractors. These types of additions help get maintenance workers across the roof safely and quickly while minimizing the impact of the roof infrastructure.

  • Piping Thermal Expansion Engineering FSS understands that as the pipe temperature changes from the installation condition to the operating condition, it expands or contracts and therefore it has the potential of generating enormous forces and stress on the system. We work to design the best possible solution for dealing with pipe expansion so that it can be absorbed without creating undue force or stress. Providing the proper flexibility is one of the major tasks in the design of piping systems.

  • Equipment Anchorage Design and Calculations We are problem-focused on critical areas related to equipment anchorage design and calculations:

    1. Distribution of non-structural design forces over the height of the building

    2. The response modification coefficients for non-structural components

    3. The over-strength factors used in the design of non-structural anchorage

    4. Non-structural component and system performance metrics

  • Jobsite Visits for Inspection Support and Installation Training Workplace inspections help prevent delays in completing jobs and meeting deadlines. We listen to the concerns of workers and supervisors; we work to gain further understanding of the job, recommend corrective changes and/or procedures. By being on-site when issues arise, we are present to eliminate problems and keep the job on-track.

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Support CAD is computer software used to create 2D and 3D models and designs. FSS helps to supply, decipher, correct or change, when needed, building plans, floor plans, electrical schematics, mechanical drawings, technical drawings, etc., in order to move a job forward and to stay on-time.

  • 3D Modeling for Seismic Bracing 3D modeling is used in computer graphics to represent, in our industry, commercial buildings and/or surfaces. We help to create and/or correct 3D modeling of buildings we are involved with seismic MEP jobs.


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Located in Calgary, AlbertaVancouver, BCToronto, OntarioEdmonton, AlbertaHouston TexasTorrance, CaliforniaEl Segundo, CAManhattan Beach, CA; Concord, CA; We offer our engineering consultancy services across Canada and United States. Meena Rezkallah.

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