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Structural Engineer / Structural Consulting Services

Whether you are searching for "Structural Engineer", "Structural Engineer near me", your search has been successful. Welcome to Little P.Eng. for Engineering Services. We offer a full range of services in all the structural consulting services. Our professional structural engineers registered all over the ten Canada provinces and 38 states in United states and ready to help.

Services categories:

Structural Engineering & Design

Little P.Eng. Structural Engineers is a full-service structural engineering firm that provides consulting and design services for a wide range of project types of varying size and complexity.

Our Services include:

  • Analysis and Evaluation (existing public, commercial, residential, and industrial buildings)

  • Seismic Evaluations

  • Forensic/Damage Analysis and Expert Witness services

  • New Building Design (public, commercial, residential, industrial)

  • Renovations and Upgrades (seismic upgrades, tenant improvements, additions, etc.)

  • Municipal Infrastructure

  • Non-Building Structures (bridges, signs, soundwalls, retaining walls, etc.)

  • Construction Means & Methods engineering

  • Design Plan Review


Structural / Seismic Evaluation & Upgrades

Buildings get old. Codes change. Unexpected things happen.

Little P.Eng. Structural Engineers offer comprehensive engineering consulting services to evaluate and assess buildings (and other structures) to address a number of common scenarios. We understand how to work with the challenges presented by older buildings like missing or incomplete original construction documents, unknown building materials or site conditions, undocumented building changes, damage from previous events, inaccessibility to certain areas, how to minimize disruptions for occupied buildings, and preservation of historical elements.

Common Structural & Seismic Evaluations

  • Historic building and aging structures

  • Damage assessments (due to fire, earthquake, snow, wind, collision, and other damage)

  • Changes in building code requirements

  • Voluntary upgrades

  • Change in Occupancy upgrades per City requirements

  • Fire escape testing, repair, and certification per City requirements

  • Financial lender and/or insurance provider requirements

Services Offered

  • Site visit to observe the as-built construction

  • Review of any original or subsequent building drawings or information

  • Review of building code requirements at the time of construction and current requirements

  • Non-destructive testing, as needed (ground penetrating radar, steel thickness measurements, corrosion measurements)

  • Destructive testing, as needed, with assistance from third party testing agencies (concrete strength, masonry strength, steel strength, etc.)

  • Evaluation of the structure per current code requirements

  • Evaluation of the structure per ASCE 41-13 Seismic Evaluation & Retrofit of Existing Buildings

  • Generation of evaluation reports identifying potential deficiencies

  • Generation of conceptual upgrades

  • Structural analysis and design of new upgrades to address specific items and/or to bring the structure up to current code requirements or to alternate requirements when applicable (ASCE 41/City of Portland 24.85)

  • Generation of structural construction documents for the upgrades

  • Construction services during upgrade construction


Structural Engineering for Residential Homeowners

Little P.Eng. Structural Engineers has worked with area homeowners on a full spectrum of residential projects for more than 40 years. We specialize in complex custom home designs sited on difficult properties and incorporating specialized architectural features. We are happy to work with you directly or as a consultant to your architect, design-builder, or general contractor. No project is too small or too large for our engineers and we offer extraordinarily quick turnaround times.

Common Needs & Services

  • Lateral analysis and design (wind and seismic)

  • Building code plan review

  • Foundation engineering

  • Retaining wall engineering and design

  • New home design

  • Home addition design and remodels

  • Enlarging/increasing depth of basement

  • Dormer additions

  • Load bearing wall removal

  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

  • Inspection and evaluation of foundation cracking, settlement, and structural issues

  • Forensic inspections

  • Wood, Masonry, Structural steel design

  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) design and detailing, including Logix, Quadlock and Polysteel

  • Truss engineering and design

  • Seismic retrofits

  • Deck designs

  • Micropile foundation retrofits (Terrafirma, helical piers, push piers)

  • FEMA coastal flood zone design, pile foundations and breakaway design

  • Agricultural buildings, equestrian facilities, and pole barns

  • FHA Foundation certifications

  • Framing determinations


Structural Engineering for Industrial Applications

Little P.Eng. Structural Engineers provides structural analysis, evaluation, engineering and design services for new and renovated industrial facilities as well as a wide-variety of individual structural elements as part of larger projects.

Industrial Structural Engineering Design

  • Supports & Foundations for Heavy Equipment

  • Supports for Process Equipment & Piping

  • Equipment Anchorage, Conveyor & Piping Lateral Bracing Systems

  • Vibration Isolation Design

  • Equipment Access Platforms, Railings, Hatches & Framing

  • Fatigue Analysis & Mitigation

  • Steel Stack Analysis & Design

  • Full Seismic & Wind Design for Non-Structural Components

Common Applications

  • Rooftop Units or Equipment

  • Industrial / Process Filtration Systems

  • Sound Barrier Walls

  • Photo-Voltaic Panels

  • Wastewater Evaporators

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Tanks, Pumps and other Liquid-Filled Vessels

  • Boilers & Pressure Vessels

  • Atmospheric Tanks (Beer Brewing, Wineries)

  • Nuclear Plant Piping (Thermal, Operational, Lateral)

  • Baghouse Support Structures


Construction Engineering / Means & Methods

In construction there is, more often than not, a number of ways to approach construction that comply with design and code requirements. Some construction approaches are mission critical and require strict adherence to the engineering documents. But recognition of the expertise and experience of a qualified construction contractor and a willingness to listen to and consult with a contractor during construction is also important and a huge key to a successful project.

Little P.Eng. Structural Engineers provides design and consulting services to general contractors for temporary structures required during project construction. This can include design of temporary shoring for staged demolition, cofferdams, tieback shoring walls, falsework, sheet pile walls and other excavation and support structures.

We are highly knowledgeable of construction issues and understand that each project presents challenges during construction that musts be considered; particularly on projects where existing conditions cannot be fully verified until construction begins. We work with contractors to accurately and efficiently resolve construction questions, issues, or required deviations from proposed construction plans. Understanding the construction process is critically important to a project’s success and PSE has been working with contractors for more than 30 years.

Additionally, we know that economical designs and timely responses are critical to a successful project - key points that guide us when assisting our contractor clients.

Construction Engineering Services

  • Shoring systems

  • Cofferdams

  • Steel frame bracing

  • Construction loading reviews

  • Crane foundations

  • Man lift tie-ins

  • Erection plans

  • Constructability studies

  • Construction observations and reports


Design Plan Review Services

A Design Plan Review performed by Little P.Eng. Structural Engineers will not only satisfy local building code enforcement requirements of having licensed Professional Engineer signed-and-sealed drawings, it will attest to the feasibility of your design plans and provide a detailed analysis of your upcoming construction project.

Design Plan Reviews are a great investment in any building project because they avoid costly mistakes – or provide more cost effective approaches that can help to minimize the time and expense of making changes during construction.

Our engineers often collaborate with architects during the design phase, adding a collaborative element which greatly enhances the outcome of the project. And, of course, with an engineer’s signature and seal on the plans, the code enforcement approval phase of your project runs more smoothly.

Little P.Eng. Structural Engineers has more than 20 years of experience in providing plan review services, and our firm includes seven licensed professional engineers on staff with licenses that cover 38 U.S. states and 10 Canadian provinces. We are ready to help.


  • City, County and State Permitting agencies

  • Homeowners

  • General contractors

  • Home builders

  • Commercial developers

  • Architects

  • Property owners

  • Buyers


Located in Calgary, AlbertaVancouver, BCToronto, OntarioEdmonton, AlbertaHouston TexasTorrance, CaliforniaEl Segundo, CAManhattan Beach, CA; Concord, CA; We offer our engineering consultancy services across Canada and United States. Meena Rezkallah.

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