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Above Ground Tank Design Services

Above Ground Tank Design Services by Meena Rezkallah, P.Eng. for engineering Services across canada and USA

Meena Development LTD. is a Canadian company formed by a group of Canadian professional engineers, located in Calgary, Alberta; Vancouver, BC; Toronto, Ontario; Buena Park, California. We provide highly experienced engineers in the design, construction, commissioning and acceptance of onshore storage tanks for refrigerated liquefied gases. Our engineers have extensive experience in the European, US, Canadian, and Middle Eastern markets, executing key roles throughout each project stage for several tank projects. Our team comprises of multi-disciplined engineers with expertise in each key technical area:

It is our goal to support clients and their projects to ensure the most efficient technical solutions which have formed out of years of industry experience, to help guide through difficulties and hidden complexities and aid in the successful completion and deliverance of tank projects.

Design Services

Tank Design Services Ltd can offer the following services:

  • Mechanical & civil tank drawings, such as general arrangement, nozzle layouts, roof layouts, civil outline, concrete wall and roof outlines.

  • Mechanical & civil design calculations such as, inner tank calculation, heat leak calculations, civil pile, slab, wall and roof calculations.

  • Material take-off’s

  • Outline tank inspection and test plans

  • Tank specifications for insulation materials and tank metallic components

Tank Design Services Ltd can offer the following services:

  • Checking and approval service for clients with their own in-house design teams.

  • Supporting design service where we provide a full detailed check on project documentation.

  • Full professional feasibility studies for potential projects as well as FEED contracts

  • Support clients with initial designs and costs/budgets for their own tenders.

  • Technical detailed reviews for bids submitted by others against tender documents and FEED’s.

  • Perform as owners engineer reviewing detailed design documentation.

Tank designs are based on various industry standards, including but not limited to:

  • API-650

  • API-653

  • API-620

  • AWWA D-100

  • NFPA-22

  • FM Global


Located in Calgary, AlbertaVancouver, BCToronto, OntarioEdmonton, AlbertaHouston TexasTorrance, CaliforniaEl Segundo, CAManhattan Beach, CA; Concord, CA; We offer our engineering consultancy services across Canada and United States. Meena Rezkallah.

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