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Tank Design / Engineering Services across Canada, USA and Arabian Gulf by Canadian Experts

Tank Design / Engineering Services across Canada, USA and Arabian Gulf by Canadian Experts

Tank Design / Tank Engineering focuses on all aspects of aboveground steel tank management. Our professional engineers ensure all aspects of tank management are covered. We specialize in water, petroleum and chemical tanks, and pressure vessels. We serve the giants in phosphate and petroleum industries, major municipal groups and very small communities and private firms. Little P.Eng. Serves our client across the globe. We are specialized in the following engineering services below:

Petroleum Fuels, BioFuels,& Chemical Tanks

API 650/API 653 – In Service and Out-of-Service inspections for petroleum, chemical, pollutant, mineral acid storage tanks and leachate tanks CFR40 – Hazardous substance & hazardous waste storage tanks, Environmental Compliance

Tank Design Engineering Services provides services to owners and operators of aboveground steel storage tanks of all types:

  • Petroleum and Chemical Storage Tanks

  • Pollutant Storage Tanks

  • Mineral Acid Tanks

Assessment Inspections

  • API-653 (API-RP-575) Storage Tank Inspections

  • API-510 Pressure Vessels

  • STI-SP001 Inspections

  • Secondary Containment Inspections

  • Cathodic Protection Inspections

  • Coating and Lining Inspection

  • Facility Planning and Specifications

  • Tank Systems Design

  • Piping/Pump and Hydraulic System Design

  • Tank and Secondary Containment Design

  • CIP Plans

  • QA/QC Inspections of Repairs, Upgrades and Modifications

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

  • Venting Calculations

  • Process System Evaluation

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans

  • Industry Standards Compliance

Pressure Vessels

API-510 – ASME Code Consulting, Stress Analysis, and Manufacturing Consulting

  • Pressure Vessel Design: Complete, including head and shell calculations, flange design, nozzle reinforcement, and external pressure calculations.

  • Secondary Containment Design

  • QA/QC Inspections of Repairs, Upgrades and Modifications

  • ASME Code Consulting, Section VIII

  • Pressure Vessel Re-rating

Engineering and Design Services

Complete Tank Systems and Tank Farms Tank Design Engineering Services provides engineering and design services for new and existing aboveground tanks, including:

  • Value Engineering Studies

  • Facility Life Cycle

  • Repairs vs. Replacement Analysis

  • Interpretation of Laboratory Reports

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Compliance Upgrade Design and Specification

  • Inspection Requirements

  • Secondary Containment Requirements & CIP

  • SPCC Plans

  • Routine Inspection Plan

  • Failure Analysis

We provide engineering and design services for complete tank systems and tank farms including:

  • Sizing and selection of piping and pump systems

  • Stress analysis of piping systems, tanks, and structures to assure integrity under design loads

  • Structural analysis utilizing the latest FEA software

  • Secondary containment

  • Instrumentation

Tank Design Engineering Services also provides the following general engineering services:

  • Help you optimize existing systems to improve reliability and decrease construction and capital costs

  • Provide Professional Engineer to review and seal designs

  • Provide expert witness testimony for court cases within our areas of expertise

As a specialty engineering firm, we bring you the knowledge, background and experience to help you manage your aboveground storage tanks.

Needing Proficient Assistance For Your Fuel Storage Handling?

Whenever you own a company in Canada, USA or Arabian Gulf Area and want Oil Storage Tank Services - Little P.Eng. Engineering is here to assist!

Whether you require maintenance or monitoring of your fuel storage reservoirs, Little P.Eng. Engineering is prepared to give you superior results.

Concentrating on fuel storage units, we deliver top quality to you by providing upkeep and/or inspections of your fuel holding tanks that diminishes deterioration of your reservoirs so they will last longer.

Why choose Little P.Eng. Engineering for your fuel containment units requirements?

  • Ensures meeting the requirements of trade proven methodologies and State policies!

  • Shall constantly finish our assignment on a timely basis!

  • Maintains tank audits as a vital element of our top standards assurance!

Whenever you need Oil Storage Tank Services, Little P.Eng. Engineering is better than the competition with our expertise and extensive insight of this specialty.

A recognized expert in the trade at providing Oil Storage Tank Services for greater than 25 years, Little P.Eng. Engineering is prepared to answer your fuel containment tanks requirements!


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Located in Calgary, AlbertaVancouver, BCToronto, OntarioEdmonton, AlbertaHouston TexasTorrance, CaliforniaEl Segundo, CAManhattan Beach, CA; Concord, CA; We offer our engineering consultancy services across Canada and United States. Meena Rezkallah.

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