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Storage Tank Design Consultants


Above Ground Storage Tank Design Consultants

Little P.Eng. for Engineering consultancy Services is one of the leading design companies for storage tank design, across Canada, USA, Europe and Arabian Gulf. This Company established by Canadian experts and professional engineers.. We have well qualified engineers with min 15 years of experience. We are doing design calculations and drafting services for oil storage tanks, water storage tanks, chemical storage tanks, FRP , GRP Tanks etc..


  • Design Calculations preparation According to API650, API620, UL-142, AWWA , EN14202 and other international codes and Standards

  • GA drawings preparation

  • Fabrication drawings preparation

  • Mechanical datasheets preparation

  • vendor documents review

  • Technical bid evolution

  • Cost Estimation for tenders

  • Pre bid documents preparation

  • post bid documents preparation

  • FEED front end design engineering

  • Basic design engineering

  • Tender documentation preparation

  • Tank selection and sizing

  • Material selection

  • P & ID drawing preparation

  • Storage tank pumps selection and sizing

  • Tanks piping design and sizing

  • Equipment layout preparation

  • GA drawing preparation

  • shop fabrication drawings preparation

  • Tank foundation design and drawings

  • Plate cutting drawings preparation

  • Tank design standards preparation

  • Maintenance manual preparation

    • Petroleum and oil storage tanks design

    • Aboveground storage tanks design

    • Atmospheric storage tanks design

    • Fixed roof and cone roof storage tanks design

    • Floating roof storage tanks design

    • Water storage tanks design

    • Gas storage tanks design

    • Elevated RCC water storage tanks design

    • Underground oil and water storage tanks design

    • FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) Storage Tanks

    • GRP water storage tanks design

    • Cylinder tanks/spherical tanks/Rectangular tanks.

    • Horizontal storage tanks design

    • Rectangular Steel tanks as per ASME Div-1, App-13, UL-142

    • Refrigerated , cryogenic, double wall storage tank As per API 620​

    • Water storage tanks As per Indian standards and AWWA

    • storage tank foundation design calculations/drawings

We provide complete report of design calculations with following Tanks

  • Ammonia storage tanks, Acid storage tanks , Atmospheric storage tanks, Alcohol storage tanks,

  • Butadiene storage tanks, Biogas storage tanks, Benzene storage tanks, Brine storage tanks,

  • Biodiesel storage tanks, Butane storage tanks, Bulk fuel storage tanks, Flat bottom storage tank design, water storage tank design ,LPG storage tank design, thermal storage tanks,

  • diesel storage tanks, DM water storage tanks, underground diesel storage tank design,

  • drinking water storage tanks, ethanol storage tanks , ethylene storage tanks,

  • elevated storage tank design, edible oil storage tanks, ethylene oxide storage tanks,

  • ethylene glycol storage tanks, liquid ethylene storage tank glycol storage tanks,

  • gasoline storage tanks,

  • gas storage tank designs, stratified chilled water storage tank , hydrocarbon storage tank design ,

  • HFO storage tank design , natural gas storage tank design, hydrogen gas storage tank ,

  • HCL storage tank design , h2so4 storage tank design, H2O2 storage tank design ,

  • hot water storage tanks ,hydrogen peroxide storage tank, jet fuel storage tanks ,

  • lpg storage tank designs, liquid nitrogen storage tanks ,liquid ammonia storage tanks,

  • refrigerated lpg storage tanks ,liquid hydrogen storage tanks , liquid Sulphur storage tanks ,

  • cryogenic liquid storage tanks, low pressure storage tanks ,lube oil storage tank designs,

  • methanol storage tanks ,molasses storage tanks, milk storage tank designs, molten Sulphur storages,

  • molten salt storage tanks, styrene monomer storage tanks, naphtha storage tank designs ,

  • nitrogen storage tanks, Vacuum storage tank design, fire water storage tank design,

  • elevated water storage tank design, spherical storage tank design ,chemical storage tanks,

  • liquid nitrogen storage tanks, nitric acid storage tanks ,nitrogen gas storage tanks,

  • natural gas storage tanks, liquefied natural gas storage tanks, oil refinery storage tank design ,

  • high temperature storage tank design, solar thermal storage tank design ,

  • chilled water thermal storage tank design,

  • storage tank piping design calculations/drawings

  • underground storage tank design calculations/drawings

  • underground water storage tank design calculations/drawings

  • underground petroleum storage tank design calculations/drawings

  • underground fuel storage tank design calculations/drawings

  • underground diesel storage tank design calculations/drawings

  • underground concrete water storage tank design calculations/drawings

  • underground storage tank anchorage design calculations/drawings

  • refrigerated ammonia storage tank design calculations/drawings

  • high pressure storage tank design calculations/drawings

  • storage tank ring wall foundation design calculations/drawings

  • vertical storage tank foundation design calculations/drawings

  • petroleum storage tank foundation design calculations/drawings

  • fuel storage tank foundation design calculations/drawings

  • large storage tank foundation design calculations/drawings

  • liquid storage tank foundation design calculations/drawings

  • steel storage tank foundation design calculations/drawings


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Located in Calgary, AlbertaVancouver, BCToronto, OntarioEdmonton, AlbertaHouston TexasTorrance, CaliforniaEl Segundo, CAManhattan Beach, CA; Concord, CA; We offer our engineering consultancy services across Canada and United States. Meena Rezkallah.

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